Custom made

Cities and towns, neighborhoods, parks and landscapes all have their own characteristics and identity. Good urban planning and landscape design not only emphasizes this, but adds something extra and provides upgrading. Grijsen International helps you with that. Together we provide more value to public spaces.

Clear roadmap

If you want individuality and identity, then you must think of interchangeable solutions and that requires customization. This is exactly what you can expect from us. In addition, we work according to a clear and transparent roadmap. We immerse ourselves in your idea, allowing you to make the choice of several custom solutions and we work with you to complete your vision.

Open and personal

From design and production to the installation and after care, you remain constantly informed of the situation. There is personal contact and open communication based on our principle of saying what we will do and doing what we say. We insure that we provide the results you have in mind.

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Six steps to “custom made” with Grijsen


1. Assessment

Which project does it concern? A square, park, shopping district? What is the objective and what are the boundary conditions? Do we start from fresh or is there already an idea? If so: does it concern a first sketch or has the design been further developed into detail? We assess the location, we review the mentioned and other point of attention with you and if necessary, we will point out aspects that you might have missed. This way we will be aligned for the start of the next step: the design.


2. Design

Based on our mutual assessment we create several designs for you. We draw these in 3D to give you a realistic image. Each design already has its own price tag for the production. You can choose one of the designs: of course we are able to adjust the design to your requirements. After your final approval of the design and the production costs we proceed to step three: the engineering.


3. Engineeringstap3

Our construction draftsmen will translate the design to the production drawing. The design is now further elaborated into details. Here we don’t look how the product can be made conform the design but we consider critical matters such as sustainability, user comfort, comfort and hygiene/maintenance. The construction and the details will be carefully aligned with each other.



productie4. Production

We produce a large number of parts for our products in-house, for other parts we have agreements with regular suppliers in the Netherlands. Both our suppliers as we operate conform modern (certified) quality systems. The assembly of our products is done by us. The management and the monitoring of the end result is therefore our responsibility.



plaatsing5. Installation

We take care of the installation of our park and street furniture. Normally this is done by the team that was responsible for the assembly: they are most familiar with the product. With large projects we engage third parties for the installation. As client, you don’t have to worry about a thing. We organise and coordinate everything, including the agreements with the contractor.



nazorg6. After care

A public place that operates better, satisfied users that take care of the environment. Park and street furniture should take away your concerns, not give you worries. Therefore, after installation we inspect the project together with you: is everything as required? If after a while, with normal use, an unexpected defect might occur we will solve this quickly and free of charge.