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Grijsen International experience the outdoors

Grijsen Park-en Straatdesign began in 1989 when former contractor Hennie Grijsen decided to import street furniture from Germany to sell on the Dutch market.  This was very prosperous, thus in the early 90’s they were asked to exclusively represent  the  French company Sineu Graff on the Dutch market as well. In the following years more brands were also added to be represented. Also Grijsen started to develop and manufacture an own collection. In 2013 Grijsen International was founded for all export activities.

Constructo: The new norm
In 1995, Grijsen along with their indoor designer, Eric Kruisselbrink, developed a new litter bin concept, called Constructo,for the municipality of Leiden in The Netherlands. The design of Constructo erased the way litter bins were viewed and this design became the new normal.  Many cities and municipalities followed this new concept of designing liter bins.  Presently, you cannot think litter bins in The Netherlands and not think Constructo.With the development of Constructo, Grijsen made a shift from being distributors to also becoming leaders in design and manufacturing.

International name

Due to the constant development of new products, Grijsen Park-ed Straatdesign, became one of the major players in street furniture in The Netherlands and internationally. Grijsen is an energetic team of over 20 people who are all dedicated to the growth and vision of the company.  The focus is to bring additional value, advice, quality and services to the world of street furniture and to build strategic partnerships.

Stable family business

In 2010 Hennie Grijsen as director/owner was succeeded by his son Patrick. Besides knowledge and experience, which Patrick brings to this role he also insures that the culture created by his father is well maintained.

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