Musical interpretation for the outdoors!

Social interaction between youngster is important. To stimulate this Grijsen offers the Fono. This unique DJ table is suited for the outdoors and responds to the interests of youngsters as the frequent use of smartphones, listening and sharing of music and hanging out with friends. Thanks to the Fono you will create the ideal meeting place for youngsters.

The Fono is a result of the cooperation of Grijsen with Yalp, producer of playground equipment and sports products. The concrete DJ table is developed by Yalp and is a very special product together with the wooden street furniture of Grijsen. There was close cooperation with professional DJs for the development of the Fono. So, the Fono has large similarities with a professional DJ table but is easy to use. You only have to put the device that plays music, such as a smartphone or tablet, on the table and the music is taken over live by the Fono and distributed.

The Fono is accessible for anyone and there is no registration procedure, in contrast to blue tooth for example. When the telephone is placed on the DJ table it is very easy, like professional DJs, to add effects to the music, like an echo of crossfader. Scratching is done by using the recognisable black rotating records and by placing two music carriers on the Fono it is possible to mix several numbers. Let the youngsters be a real DJ for once!

This unique DJ table challenges youngster to express their musical creativity and to create, modify and share music.

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