Waste sorting litter bins
Grijsen has further developed a number of waste bins and therefore these are suitable for separated waste collection. Both the Column, Constructo as the Estilo have the possibility to collect various waste streams separated into one bin.

By separate the waste before this is collected by a waste collector, the quality of the waste is better. Therefore, the collected waste is more suitable for re-use and/or recycling. This ensures for a reduction of residual waste and less residual waste ensures for a reduction of CO2 emission. After all waste that is re-used or recycled does not get burned. Therefore, waste separate provides a CO2 saving. Plus, the emptying frequency for the collection can often be reduced if the collection is segregated. Less emptying means less transport for the waste collector and this is also a reduction of the CO2 emission for the waste collector. By supplying waste bins for separate waste collection Grijsen provides its contribution to the chain.