Plane Solid with planter

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Street furniture is not always enough to set up a public place. The use of plants and other green will give the public space extra atmosphere and ensures for a more natural environment. The Plane Solid series offers therefore a planter that is also lovely to sit on. This cool planter has a natural look due to the use of 100% FSC hardwood. Together with the green it is a beautiful whole in your public place.


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Material bench

Seat: FSC 100% hardwood untreated, durability class 1

Material frame

steel 4 mm, hot-dip galvanized and plinth dual-layer powder coated 120 μ in RAL color of choice


Seat: Length = 2200 mm, width = 2190 mm, height= 460mm Planter: length = 870 mm, width = 870, height = 460mm