Wenters double seat

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An extra large and waving seating area. That is the feature of this Wenters double seat bench. One can sit on both sides of the bench so it is ideal for squares. This Wenters bench is made from steel but the ‘slats’ construction gives the bench a transparent look.


concrete footing


Length = 2260 mm, width = 800mm other lengths available on request.

Material bench

Zitvlak en/of rugleuning: Ø 10 mm assenstaal en 3,2 mm staal buizen Ø 60 mm, thermisch verzinkt en tweelaags gepoedercoat 120 μ in RAL kleur naar keuze.

Material frame

3,2mm steel tube Ø 120mm, galvanized and two layer powdercoated 120 μ in RAL color of choice.